Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the questions we feel get asked the most. Of course if you'd like to find out something different, or perhaps more about one of the items below please contact us.

My computer is running really slow - Is there anything you can do?

Yes! We can make your computer perform like it did when you first bought it - sometimes even better! We'd recommend taking a look at our PC MOT/Cleanup Service for more information.

I've had a call from someone saying they are from Microsoft telling me I have problems with my PC.

This is a common scam at the moment. Provided you did not allow them to access your computer or give them any personal details you should be safe. If you did provide them with any information or access to your machine we'd recommend a full system health check. Take a look at our PC MOT/Cleanup Service for more information. If you provided any financial details we'd recommend getting in contact with your Bank/Credit Card company as soon as possible.

What Anti-Virus do you recommend?

We recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus/Smart Security for heavy internet users. This is a paid solution and in our opinion the market leader. There are a few free alternatives - give us a call on 01242 808909 to discuss these.

My Email wont let me Login

In most cases this has to be dealt with by your email provider however its worth giving us a quick call on 01242 808909 just to verify that your settings are as they should be.

Im thinking of getting a new Laptop or Desktop PC - Can you recommend any?

We regularly review the latest and best offers for new laptops and desktop computers, and also for printers and monitors. Give us a call on 01242 808909 to find out what offers we've managed to find.

My laptop is running very slow and so is my Daughters, do you offer any discounts?

Yes - we offer up to 50% discount on our standard PC MOT / Clean up for a second machine brought in at the same time.

I'd like someone to come round to have a look at my broadband connection. Can you help?

Of course! Give us a call on 01242 808909 to discuss. We usually talk you through a few diagnostic checks over the phone and then if necessary we can book an appointment for one of our team to visit. Our call outs have a standard call out charge, details of which will be provided to you when you call in.

I have confidential and important information on my machine - will it be safe if I have it repaired?

Yes - machines left with us are stored in a locked area only accessible to our management team. Our repairs are then carried out in a secure area accessible only to staff with heavily filtered network access to ensure no potential viruses can access the internet.

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